Use Tea Tree Oil And Prevent Fungus On Your Toenail

Résultat de recherche d'images pour "tea tree oil"Toenail fungus leads to an awful condition to lots of people. It not only looks hideous but also causes pain. It happens due to fungi, which prefer darkness and moisture. The disease is highly infectious, and for this reason, those, who take bath in public pools or showers with no footwear, have more risks to experience this problem. In the serious cases, the nails may have black or yellowish look. Besides, the toenails will also turn out to be much thicker and more brittle. Many people think that the nails may naturally get healed with no treatment. But, this concept is wrong as they need some medications for healing it. However, with anti-fungal nature, tea trees oil may be a better solution than other medications, used for nail fungus.

Tea tree oil – Why this is better remedy

Medical alternatives may be invasive and expensive. Rather than applying chemicals for solving the fungal issues, you may rely on natural options to heal nail fungus. Since several centuries, oil of tea tree has its use as an agent for healing various diseases. As this oil has gained its recognition because of antiseptic features, it is best to fight against infections. This may also be utilized as a strong antibiotic, which prevents burns, rashes and many other skin issues. No matter whether you have toenail fungus, you may plan to use this oil on your nails regularly. It helps you to restore the shiny and healthy condition of your nails. At the same time, the infections may also be prevented.

Dilution is to be done according to your condition

There’re many products, which have been made with tea tree oil and some other components. But, people, whose skin qualities are sensitive, should be much careful, and they must not apply essential oil without dilution, because it’s much powerful substance. This may lead to much worse condition. Thus, while diluted properly with lavender or coconut oil, you can have the best effect.


Depending on the level of severity, tea tree oil may be carefully applied. Generally, you can start using TTO, when your condition is moderate or mild. Thus, the remedy seems to work perfect, while you are at the initial stage.


After combining your TTO with a slight amount of olive oil, you have to apply this solution to the nail. Leave your nails in this condition for about ten minutes. Then, polish the part with a soft brush, like toothbrush.  You have to repeat the process two times every day.  And you may get the outcome within some weeks.

To have a better effect, you may try to have your nail size shorter as it may enable the oil solution to get into the nail bed completely. When healthy toenail begins to increase in size, you may trim it. Now matter whether the fungus has disappeared, you must use the oil regularly. After few days, you may observe a shiny look of your nails.